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Trans-Neptunian Studios is a loose collection of people that creates games on a somewhat regular basis. We all live in sweden and enjoy making small game projects. Some of those are sometimes these:

Pic of Micke Pic of Robin Pic of Tobias Pic of David

Our games:


Scrabble and Tetris bastard baby! A ambitious, fast-paced arcade game.

The Donald

A silly game about a silly man. Reach the top of your career!


Play as the swedish knug, runing around in his castle garden. Smartphone friendly game complete with highscore (might work)!


A classic scrolling space shooter. Lasers, asteroids, bosses and explosions! Needs downloading


Create a new star constellation in this snake/tetris-game.


Take on the frustrating role as a beggar.

Paint-drying Simulator

Made late at night after a pub-crawl.

Unfinished / on hold / barely started:

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